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[Gan Teachers' Good People List] Issue 36 Liu Chuanlian: Learn to Learn Music for Teachers, and Make People Forty Years

First name: Liu Chuanlian

Unit: School of Music

Category: Dedication

Time: December 2018

Liu Chuanlian, male, Jiangxi Ruijin, teacher of the Conservatory of Music (retired and rehired), the only piano tuning lawyer in Jiangxi Province and senior engineer of piano technology. He is currently a member of the Piano Tuning Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, a member of the Piano Tuning Lawyers Association of the China Musical Instrument Association, a member of the Jiangxi Provincial Piano Society, and a director of the Jiangxi Erhu Research Association.

Keep improving and tuning, zero mistakes in one step

Pleasant music flowing from a piano requires the composer's superb composition ability and the pianist's superb performance level. However, no matter how good a piano composer or performer is, you can't make a piano with tuned keys to play beautiful music. To get the keys back to normal, thousands of parts need to cooperate with each other. The leader of these parts.

"There are many people who play the piano, but very few people can tune the tune." As a piano tuning lawyer, Liu Chuanlian's job is to restore the harmony of melody to every piano with inaccurate sound quality. "A piano has more than 8,000 parts, more than 200 strings, more than 200 axes, and 88 keys." Liu Chuanlian told reporters that more than 200 strings and more than 200 axes are composed of 88 keys. The "pulse". The piano has been used for a long time, and some components are easy to go away or the sound quality has deteriorated. Noise often comes out from the "pulse". This requires the lawyer to use tools to debug and retrieve the precise sound of each piano key.

So how to tune the rhythm? "Before tuning, first calibrate the standard pitch with a tuning fork, and then use the tuning wrench to move the piano's strings to adjust the tension of the strings, thereby changing the sound of the keys." Liu Chuanlian said that the change is Very subtle, it is difficult for non-professionals to hear. Ordinary people may only pay attention to whether the vibration of the sound is pleasant and pleasant, while professionals will pay attention to the gentle colors.

So far, Liu Chuanlian has tuned pianos for tens of thousands of families in his spare time. Over the years, as long as famous pianists at home and abroad come to perform in Ganzhou, Liu Chuan has been busy at the piano tuning scene before the show. In August this year, Richard Clydeman, the world-famous French "prince of romantic piano", held a piano concert in Ganzhou and praised: "Teacher Liu Chuanlian's piano tuning is very accurate, which adds a lot to the concert. "

Decades of piano tuning and maintenance practice and erhu teaching work have made Liu Chuanlian very successful in the study of tuning theory. He has published nearly twenty papers on piano tuning and erhu majors in provincial and national publications. He has provided accurate and high-tech services for all piano masters in China and abroad to use pianos in concerts and academic lectures and has been highly rated.

Truly making a name for himself in the field of piano tuning, Liu Chuan relies on the ingenuity of excellence, perfection, and constant innovation. In addition to the traditional "four- and five-degree cycles, three and six-degree calibration" division method, he is also proficient in the more scientific and advanced "three- and six-degree division, four and five-degree calibration". The law of division, accurately equates the twelve average laws, basically achieves one step in place. His tuning is fast and his intonation is particularly good.

When asked if long-term employment would cause him "burnout", Liu Chuanlian shook his head with a smile and said, "Every time after I successfully tune the piano, I will feel very happy, and I will always play Music is also a kind of artistic enjoyment. "He loves music and tuning, so he doesn't think it is a very tiring and hard work.

Touch the art of bypassing love

In high school, Liu Chuanlian was strongly influenced by decentralized knowledge youths and music teachers, and developed a strong interest in erhu. During college, Liu Chuanlian's level of playing erhu and flute has been greatly improved, and the performance is handy. After graduation, he served as an erhu and trombone player in a song and dance troupe of the former Fuzhou Military Region and a tea and dance troupe of the former Ganzhou region. "In those days, being able to enter the army for literary performances was not an easy task, and the professional requirements of the performers were particularly high." Liu Chuanlian lamented.

In 1979, Liu Chuanlian was transferred to teach at Gannan Normal University (then Gannan Teachers College). At that time, few people in the country knew tuning, let alone a professional piano tuning lawyer. Whenever the school's piano rhythm is inaccurate, we have to ask experts from Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to tune it, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive. Therefore, Liu Chuanlian had the idea of learning piano tuning and becoming an excellent piano tuning lawyer.

With the support of the school, Liu Chuanlian returned to his alma mater Wuhan Conservatory of Music to learn piano tuning. He studied under the famous piano tuning master Chen Jiaxin who had studied in Steinway, Germany, and also received the meticulous attention of Lin Shunxiang and Shi Ankang, the famous piano tuning experts in the country. guide.

Anyone who knows Liu Chuanlian knows that he is a person who refuses to accept and suffers hard. With a passion for music and hard work, he has memorized all the components of the piano for more than a year. Not only can you find the parts that affect the pitch in time, call up the correct temperament, but also complete the overhaul (including replacement of the soundboard, all chords, parts and paint) with the old ones independently, so that all the technical indicators of the piano are achieved High stringent requirements for professional pianos.

When he graduated in 1983, he obtained the Wuhan University of Music's Excellent Piano Tuning Technology Appraisal Certificate. After returning from his studies, Liu Chuanlian became the "roof doctor" for all pianos in the school. It is worth mentioning that he is also very skilled in the maintenance of the accordion and accordion.

In addition, Liu Chuanlian also taught himself and mastered nearly ten kinds of musical instruments such as gourd silk and violin, which is often praised by others. Speaking of these, Liu Chuanlian's eyes flashed with confidence, and he smiled kindly: "Actually, music is the same, because I've learned erhu, flute and other instruments before. Practice makes perfect." The solid foundation and good sense of music promote As Liu Chuanlian cultivated many talents, he expanded and extended the knowledge and skills he learned, and truly achieved a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive understanding.

Mastering the tricks and learning to pass through, Liu Chuanlian's road to music has been smoother and smoother, and his achievements are outstanding. In 1993, he obtained the Advanced Certificate in Level 8 of the Central Conservatory of Music Examination. In 1999, he was awarded the National Senior Piano Tuning Attorney by the Ministry of Light Industry Examination and was awarded the certificate. (Top) Piano Tuning Attorney.

Do not abandon the Aigan teacher, stick to the red land

2018 is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, and it is the birth of Jiazi ’s Jiazi. This year is also Liu ’s 40th year in Gansu. There are only a handful of teachers who have worked in Ganshi forty years, and Liu Chuanlian is one of them. He persists in guarding this red earth, dedicated to the school, serving teachers and students. He is famous all over the country for his superb skills, and the quality of life is more worthy of our admiration and learning.

"At that time, many teachers went to work along the coast, and there was good treatment there. There were also many universities and piano companies who wanted me to pass." In response, he responded: "I want to stay here forever."

"In the beginning, Teacher Gan supported me to learn the tuning and gave me a lot of help. I have always remembered that I love Teacher Gan, and Teacher Gan also needs me. How can I leave?" Liu Chuanlian, with a heart of a child, deeply said He said he didn't want to stay in the company, but rather he would like to engage in teaching work in Ganshi Normal University and cultivate excellent talents for Ganshi Normal University. This stay is 40 years.

In the 40 years of the Gan Division, Liu Chuanlian was mainly responsible for piano tuning. At the same time, he did not forget to educate people. He insisted on taking erhu elective courses every week and trained a batch of outstanding students.

When it comes to teaching, Liu Chuanlian believes that the most important thing is to take care of students and be patient. He slowly said: "The erhu is more difficult to master than the lute and zither, so they need to demonstrate it repeatedly." In addition to teaching erhu, Liu Chuanlian will also teach piano tuning to his classmates. skill. At present, although the school does not offer a course in piano tuning, many students still ask him to study outside the classroom, and the tireless Liu Chuanlian will learn from each other without reservation.

"Some students have a lot of lessons themselves, but still want to come and learn this skill. I really feel that these children are very smart and far-sighted." Liu Chuanlian gestured can not help but sigh, "Learning more technology also gives yourself a chance .Compared to a teacher who can only teach piano, both playing and repairing is the best of both worlds. If you learn this technology at university, you will definitely have more advantages when you graduate to find a job. Favor. "

Therefore, not only the students want to learn, some students who have already graduated will return to school and ask Liu Chuanlian for advice, and Liu Chuanlian will also enthusiastically answer the students' doubts. "A lot of students in other places often call me or send WeChat and ask me how to tune, I can teach them more conveniently through these methods." What impressed Liu Chuanlian most is a piano student in Shantou, Guangdong. Boys who have graduated for many years. He returned to his alma mater in order to learn this skill. After sleeping in the piano room for half a month, he persisted in practicing piano for more than ten hours a day. Now he has also become an excellent teacher. The student's strong learning spirit moved Liu Chuanlian, and his teaching strength was even greater.

"Piano is a very important teaching tool for schools. If the sound is not correct, it will affect teaching." Yan, the former dean of the Music College of Gannan Normal University, said, "Mr. Liu's piano tuning and erhu teaching work is not only for the school. It has saved teaching funds and made outstanding contributions to improving the quality of teaching and cultivating outstanding talents. "

With the improvement of living standards, the popularity of elegant art is in the ascendant, and people's demand for piano tuning is also increasing. Today, Liu Chuanlian has more than forty apprentices. He smiled with relief: "Some students have been working in this area in Shanghai, Beijing and even abroad, and have achieved good results. I hope they can make a wider Heaven and earth, glory for the teacher. "He hopes to teach more people to learn piano tuning to meet the growing needs of social and cultural development.

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