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Teachers of our school were invited to give academic reports in South China Normal University

On December 25th, Zhou Xianjin, the head of the Basic Education Research Center of our university, was invited to give an academic report on the topic of "Exploration of Core Literacy in Primary and Secondary School Subject Teaching" in the School of Educational Science of South China Normal University. Ge Xinbin, deputy dean of the college and tutor of doctoral students, presided over, and teachers of education, doctoral students and master students attended.

Zhou Qiang dissects about "disciplinary teaching problems in the eyes of rural teachers", "universal teaching problems", "problem students caused by subject teaching", "what is the core literacy of students" and "how subject teaching cares about the cultivation of students' core literacy" . He proposed that the relationship between core and non-core literacy should be straightened out in the course of subject teaching. The subject teaching should adhere to the combination of theory and practice, the combination of intra-curricular and extra-curricular, and uphold the thinking mode of university subjects and large backgrounds. Make subject teaching "original, clear source", and let students move towards life itself.

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