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Our school holds the 2020 Graduate New Year's Day Gala

On December 27, the 2020 Graduate New Year's Day Gala of our university was held in the Auditorium on the second floor of the Humanities Science and Technology Center. Vice President Luo Xuzhong, Secretary of the School Discipline Inspection Committee Yu Baochun, the graduate school, the Youth League Committee of the school, the leading teachers of various teaching colleges and all graduate students watched the performance.

The party kicked off in the cheerful "Dancing Youth", and graduate students brought carefully prepared programs to the stage, welcoming the coming of the New Year with singing and dancing. Focusing on the theme of "Meeting 2020," Research "with you", the story "Love Behind the Mobile Phone" touched the audience with the story of "mobile phone disease" treatment. The drama "You Are the April Sky on Earth" performed a beautiful story of a generation of talented female Lin Huiyin , Reciting "The Spark of Youth" tells the youth and dreams of the postgraduate students of Gan Normal University, and the baggage shaken by the cross talk "Good and Bad Students" makes the audience laugh and the song "Ten Miles Peach Blossom" brings the audience back to poetry Picturesque ancient. Fourteen performance programs were staged in turn, showing the positive spirit of our graduate students.

A lottery link was set up at the party to allow teachers and students to take home surprises and luck while watching the show.

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