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School of Education Science organizes students to attend affiliated Rongjiang Primary School

On December 24, the School of Educational Science organized 2017 and 2018 primary school education students to go to Rongjiang Primary School, an affiliated school of our school, to conduct a one-day educational apprenticeship.

In the English demonstration class, Mr. Liu Gongmei fully mobilized the students' learning interest through the teaching methods of scenario creation, question and communication, rhythm reading and music appreciation. During the theme team day of "Remembering Chairman Mao and Becoming a Good Player in the New Era", the red commentator explained Chairman Mao's story, and the dance group performed the theme dance. During the period, the teachers of the Chinese and Mathematics Teaching Demonstration Class also shared their teaching methods and experiences.

Through observing demonstration classes and participating in thematic education activities, students who are about to participate in internship are made aware of the importance of learning theoretical knowledge and improving their professional teaching ability, providing a good direction for their internship.

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