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Deputy Director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology

On December 30, Deputy Director-General of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology helped a delegation to visit our school for investigation and guidance. Principal Fan Xiaolin, Deputy Principal Luo Xuzhong, Ganzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, School Scientific Research Office and other responsible comrades participated in the survey.

I checked the national navel orange engineering technology research center of our university and the key laboratory of organic medicinal chemistry of Jiangxi Province, and learned about the platform's hardware construction, scientific research team, technological innovation, scientific research results and application prospects. The scientific research platform serves the local economic and social development. It has fully affirmed the achievements in schistosomiasis control drugs, snail investigation and holographic imaging, and holographic imaging, and put forward related suggestions for future research directions.

Promising schools will continue to increase research and development efforts around Jiangxi's local characteristics, enhance the vitality of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific research results, and escort the healthy and sustainable development of the citrus industry and the overall improvement of schistosomiasis control in our province.

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