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Our school was awarded the "advanced unit" of provincial university informatization work in 2019

A few days ago, the "Jiangxi College Educational Information Chemistry Association Annual Meeting" hosted by the Jiangxi Provincial University Information Chemistry Society was held in Nanchang. The conference praised the units with outstanding achievements in university informatization in 2019, and our university won the honorary title of the "advanced unit" in the university informatization in Jiangxi Province in 2019.

In 2019, in order to improve the level of our university's informatization construction, the current education center is guided by the new concept of "data-driven innovation and smart service enhancement", focusing on the construction of a new OA collaborative office system, the establishment of 106 standardized examination rooms, and the completion of the entire school. Intelligent management and transformation of more than 220 multimedia classrooms; the pilot construction of laser projectors and digital infrared wireless microphones was conducted in the multimedia classroom of the second teaching building of our school, a network computing cloud platform was built, and the school's intensive management was implemented; To meet the needs of teachers' teaching and scientific research and other work exchanges, the company purchased enterprise email services and optimized the management of office fixed telephones throughout the school. The above measures have made positive contributions to the innovation and development of our university's information technology and the modernization of education management.

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