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New Year's Message 2020

The time is changing, Huazhang is new, and it is a good time to quit the old and welcome the new. We would like to send all teachers and students, retired veterans and comrades to the heart of our alma mater at home and abroad, and to all sectors of society who have been concerned about supporting the development of the school Friends, sincere greetings and best wishes for the new year!

2019年,我们收获了庆祝新中国成立70周年的激动喜悦,我们接受了“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育的洗礼升华,我们拼搏在实现“十三五”规划的关键之年......2019,全体赣师人用追梦姿态面对挑战,用奋斗汗水浇灌未来, 奏响 “立德树人”交响曲,勇做“时代之问”答卷人, 各项工作取得可喜成绩。 Looking back on 2019, we have harvested the excitement of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. We have accepted the baptism and sublimation of the theme education of “Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission”, and we are working hard to achieve the key year of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. .... 2019, all teachers and teachers face the challenge with the attitude of chasing dreams, irrigate the future with the sweat of struggle, play the symphony of "Lide Tree People", and be the respondent of "Question of the Times". Encouraging results.

This year, we further consolidated the foundation of Lide. 8年被省委评为“好班子”。 The school has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, vigorously strengthened party building, and earnestly implemented the main responsibilities of governing the party and running schools and schools. The leading group has been rated as a "good group" by the provincial party committee for eight consecutive years. The school carried out a high-quality education on the theme of “do not forget the original heart and keep in mind the mission”, which was fully affirmed by the Central Sixth Circuit Steering Group. The party building of the school led the red culture and education brand to become more and more shining, and was invited to introduce experience at the 25th provincial party building work conference of the province. The school is committed to promoting the comprehensive reform of "three complete education", and the results of ideological and political work are satisfactory. One teacher was invited to participate in the school ’s ideological and political theory teacher seminar. Teachers were awarded national outstanding teachers, model teachers in the province, and the most beautiful science and technology work in the province. Winner, the first prize of the first national ideological and political course teacher teaching demonstration activity, etc., won 1 provincial ideological and political course teacher teacher studio, 3 provincial "curricular ideological and political" demonstration courses, editor-in-chief of the Red Culture Textbook University Edition entered the province's ideological and political classrooms. The school carefully rehearsed a gift to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China-a large-scale musical and epic poem "The People's Republic Comes From Here", and strives to create a classic repertoire that can be passed down from generation to generation and can continue to exert its educational function and social benefits.

内涵特色 高质量发展。 This year, we further promoted the development of high-quality features . “以本为本”和“四个回归”,深化推进一流本科建设,教育学专业获批国家级一流本科专业建设点,思想政治教育,汉语言文学等18个本科专业获批省级一流本科专业建设点,获得9项省级教学成果奖, 本科生考研上线率创历史新高,学生参加省级以上各类竞赛获奖 1537人次,连续第九年受邀参演央视“五月的鲜花”全国大中学生文艺会演。 The school adheres to the "based on the foundation" and "four returns", deepens the promotion of first-class undergraduate construction, education majors are approved as national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, and 18 undergraduate majors such as ideological and political education, Chinese language and literature are approved provincial The first-class undergraduate professional construction site has won 9 provincial teaching achievement awards. The undergraduate postgraduate admission rate reached a record high. Students participated in various competitions above the provincial level and won 1,537 person-times. They were invited to participate in CCTV's “May Flowers "The National University and Middle School Students' Art Show. The school has achieved new breakthroughs in teaching and scientific research based on the application of doctoral units and the construction of "first-class disciplines". It has been approved by the National Language Promotion Base, the Ministry of Education Sports Aesthetic Infiltration Action Plan, and the National Excellent Traditional Cultural Heritage Base of Ordinary Colleges and Universities. Teaching platforms and projects. 30余项,获省自然科学奖3项、省科学技术进步奖2项,在国际著名期刊上发表论文50余篇,国家脐橙工程技术研究中心获评全省教育系统先进集体,教育部基地顺利通过评估,工业(家具)设计中心、王阳明研究中心升格为省级研究平台 Approved more than 30 national projects such as the National Social Science Fund key projects, 3 provincial natural science awards, 2 provincial science and technology progress awards, published more than 50 papers in internationally renowned journals, and the National Navel Orange Technology Research Center The advanced collective of the province's education system was evaluated. The Ministry of Education base passed the assessment smoothly. The Industrial (Furniture) Design Center and Wang Yangming Research Center were upgraded to provincial research platforms . The school's ability and level to serve the society have been further improved. It has actively participated in Ganzhou's preparation of the Ganzhou Rare Earth Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and organized a number of scientific research teams to provide technical support to counties and cities in southern Jiangxi to help counterparts successfully lift poverty. 10余个单位建立战略合作关系,与华中师范大学合作列入教育部对口支援计划即将签约。 The school has vigorously expanded foreign cooperation, and has newly established strategic cooperative relations with more than 10 units including the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Resources Utilization. The cooperation with Central China Normal University is included in the counterpart support plan of the Ministry of Education. The Confucius Institute at the school was upgraded to obtain a Chinese undergraduate education qualification, and the art troupe has carried out overseas Confucius Institute art tours for four consecutive years, which has been highly recognized by the Hanban and the Confucius Institute headquarters.

This year, we further gathered strong momentum for reform and development. The school strives to build a system and mechanism conducive to sustainable and healthy development, continuously improves internal governance, solves development problems, improves and improves the undergraduate talent training model, personnel distribution system, leading talent cultivation plan, and evaluation of senior professional titles in the school, etc., and the school's vitality is further stimulated. “文明校园”年度督导抽查,进一步擦亮了“全国文明校园”名片;获评全省“七五”普法中期先进单位,连续6年获“全省高校平安校园示范学校”称号;校园主干道改造全面实施、人才周转房建设如期启动,附属学校体系建设日臻完善,师生的幸福感、获得感日益增强。 The school insists on teachers and students as the center, vigorously promotes the construction of a civilized, safe, beautiful and harmonious campus, and successfully passed the national and provincial two rounds of "civilized campus" annual supervision and spot checks, which further polished the "national civilized campus" business card; Provincial “Seventh Five-Year Plan” mid-term advanced unit, won the title of “Provincial Safe Campus Demonstration School of the University” for 6 consecutive years; the campus main road reconstruction was fully implemented, the construction of talent turnover housing was started on schedule, the construction of the affiliated school system was improved, and the happiness of teachers and students The sense of gain and gain is increasing day by day.

The old age has been magnificent, and the new year is even better. 2020,全体赣师人将以只争朝夕的奋斗姿态,敢闯敢试的创新精神,高效务实的工作作风,凝聚起推动事业发展的磅礴力量,奋力开创学校“争创一流、进位赶超”新局面,为全国同步实现全面小康,江西迈出富裕美丽幸福现代化新步伐,赣南苏区振兴发展奉献赣师力量! Entering 2020, all teachers and teachers will strive for the stance of striving for the day and night, the innovative spirit of daring to try, the efficient and pragmatic work style, consolidating the majestic force to promote the development of the cause, and strive to create a school "striving for first-class, advanced "Catch up" new situation, for the country to achieve a comprehensive well-off simultaneously, Jiangxi has taken a new step of prosperity, beauty, happiness, modernization, Jiangnan Soviet Area revitalization and development dedicated to the Gan division!

Finally, I wish all teachers, classmates, alumni, friends from all walks of life a happy New Year, good health, happy family, and good luck!

Party Committee of Gannan Normal University

Gannan Normal University

December 31, 2019

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